nervous about leaving them alone

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    Anyone had to leave their loved one alone? Or perhaps even had to rely on them to care for you? I’ve got an operation coming up, just a small thing, but it will have me overnight in the hospital and needing a bit of care when I get back.
    Think this might be too much for us. Does anyone know of any help we can get?


    Hello…I have been worried about leaving one once before. I was an awful feeling and it didn’t leave until I got back home…so I can completely understand!

    Do you have any friends or family you can ask to help? People are surprisingly understanding once you let them know what’s going on?


    We got through it!
    I actually think it was good for my partner to have some responsibility and focus. It isn’t something we could do long term but for the few days we had it worked out okay.

    These things really do leave you in a position of concern don’t they, you just don’t know if something is going to go well or be a disaster!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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