Reply To: Corona Virus


HI Mick, welcome back!
It sounds like you have a lot to balance. You are right Anxiety is raising it’s ugly head here too. You must try and get yourself some space. I know that’s hard and God knows I am guiltly of not following my own advice all the time!
I keep thinking “I’m the stronger one, I’ll be fine, I can compromise on my needs for today”, then today becomes a few days and so on and suddenly I am not fine! I was so tired this morning I had to drag myself out of bed!
You can’t care for your partner unless you care for you first. You can’t run on empty!
I hope this is over soon too. That said I am really enjoying the time it is giving me to reconnect with my son. I am seeing sides of him (through his schooling) which I have never seen before. That’s my silver lining, there always is one, sometimes it’s just harder to find.
Be safe and well.

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