Hear me Roar: how exercise helps wellbeing

I pushed on and on until all I could focus on was that moment. I suddenly heard myself let out an almighty ROAR, then overwhelming tears and then relief. It felt spiritual.

How gardening helps wellbeing and connection

Gardening can be very powerful; for your wellbeing, your loved ones mental health and for everyone’s nutritional health. It provides opportunity for peace, connection and achievement.

How to find your happy place

Everyone needs a Happy Place. For those who are living with someone with Mental Health challenges it is even more important. We look at how to find yours.

7 Top Tips for self care

We share our top tips for Self Care and why putting yourself first isn’t selfish, rather essential.

finding the strength to be a rock; The Power of Gratitude

Mindfulness is something which is talked about a lot these days and I confess that whilst it is something, I want to learn more about and practice, I haven’t done so yet. For me though it’s more about practicing gratitude and through this I think a certain level of mindfulness will come.