Book Review: The Choice

This is simply one of the most powerful books I have ever read! I will keep this book forever and will return to it repeatedly. Edith is one of the most inspirational people I have come across.

How gardening helps wellbeing and connection

Gardening can be very powerful; for your wellbeing, your loved ones mental health and for everyone’s nutritional health. It provides opportunity for peace, connection and achievement.

How to find your happy place

Everyone needs a Happy Place. For those who are living with someone with Mental Health challenges it is even more important. We look at how to find yours.

7 Top Tips for self care

We share our top tips for Self Care and why putting yourself first isn’t selfish, rather essential.

Amanda’s Gratitude Prayer

You don’t need to be religious to write a gratitude prayer, if you are, you can say it to God, if you’re not you can say it to the Universe. The power is to feel it.

finding the strength to be a rock; The Power of Gratitude

Mindfulness is something which is talked about a lot these days and I confess that whilst it is something, I want to learn more about and practice, I haven’t done so yet. For me though it’s more about practicing gratitude and through this I think a certain level of mindfulness will come.