Hi, I’m Joanna, This is my story

I ask myself “Why do I feel nervous or even scared when I visit my mum, I’m 50 years old!” Trouble is I don’t know what we will get one day to the next with Bi-Polar. Will she be having a manic episode or will she be in a deep depression? It’s unsettling.

Book Review – the five love languages

Understanding The 5 Love Languages is life changing. It’s really powerful to understand how those close to you communicate love. Gary Chapman writes clearly and this is a wonderful read.

How gardening helps wellbeing and connection

Gardening can be very powerful; for your wellbeing, your loved ones mental health and for everyone’s nutritional health. It provides opportunity for peace, connection and achievement.

How to find your happy place

Everyone needs a Happy Place. For those who are living with someone with Mental Health challenges it is even more important. We look at how to find yours.

Hi, I’m Robert, this is my story

I would have really benefitted from having someone to talk to. I didn’t share the challenges with my parents or friends. They knew of my wife’s challenges but I didn’t share how it was truly impacting me and my self-esteem.