Being There; having conversations

Patient conversation can be like peeling an onion, you may have to go layer by layer and yes sometimes there maybe tears.
It can be worth coming back to the beginning in order to reconnect and move forward, together.

The importance of having personal space; I call it my happy place

I find my Happy Places give me space, release and can get us out together. It’s not always roses, there are occasions when we go out as a family and it can be very stressful, often however it’s quality time together. It’s about taking the rough with the smooth, that’s what living with Mental Illness is all about, right?

Why is being a Rock so lonely?

I have felt very alone whilst trying to support my husband with his depression. Then I realised that I was morning a loss.

Hi, I’m Vanessa, this is my Story

Twenty years ago, my Mother attempted suicide not once but twice, she was suffering from chronic depression. This is an honest and very individual account of my experience dealing with my Mother’s mental illness.

Hi, I’m Robert, this is my story

I would have really benefitted from having someone to talk to. I didn’t share the challenges with my parents or friends. They knew of my wife’s challenges but I didn’t share how it was truly impacting me and my self-esteem.

Knowing your own Limits

This article is focused on importance of knowing yourself and loving yourself; so that you can recognise the signs that you need some space and your own support.