3 ways Pranic Healing can improve your mood

We are delighted to welcome guest author and Pranic Healing Practitioner Cleo Rodd.

Pranic Healing can help people with physical problems from aches and pains and also emotional problems such as stress, anxiety and even addictions. This gives peace of mind and mental clarity. It is a highly evolved non touch complementary therapy. It’s something we have started to learn more about and find useful at The RockPool and thought you might too.  Thank you Cleo.

Amanda Webb, Founder of The RockPool

Supporting someone with a Mental Illness is stressful and often we have days where if feels like nothing goes right.

Are you susceptible to your loved one’s moods and state? Do you think you feel happy, but deep inside you feel empty?

If so you’ll know that it’s difficult to pull yourself up and out of that ‘black cloud’. So what can you do about it?

Many thousands of people across the world have found success in boosting and elevating their mood naturally, through the tested and scientifically validated techniques in the Pranic Healing system.

We will also share an ancient secret technique to instantly improve your mood.

A natural pain reliever

If you’re in physical pain, it makes you feel miserable, especially if its ever present.

Pranic Healing relieves pain through specific protocols for every ailment. Simply put, the application of Pranic Healing removes the conditions of the body and accelerates recovery.

A natural mood enhancer

If you are feeling stressed or unhappy, perhaps you are feeling slightly depressed. Pranic psychotherapy is a technique which deals with unhelpful emotions, fears, addictions and phobias.

It is a natural mood enhancer and can extract these psychological conditions and many more from the body’s system easily, sometimes in just a few treatments. Therefore, the person has a sense of happiness and wellbeing as they are in control of their thoughts and actions.

Happier Relationships, a happier life

Energy is pervasive and effects every area of our lives. Living as a Rock it can be challenging not to feel down facing the difficulties caring for someone with a Mental Health Illness can present. This can often put a strain on the relationship.

There are several ways you can clear out these unhelpful thoughts and feelings in the teaching of Pranic Healing.

This is achieved through a specific ‘Forgiveness technique’, by applying Pranic Healing Psychotherapy, (which can be given to one or both partners) and the through the world renowned ‘Meditation on Twin Hearts’.

By using these techniques, one can neutralise the type of energy projected when we are feeling angry towards someone and our tendency to do this then diminishes.

The lubricant of any relationship is love. Love in one term can just mean showing kindness to another person.

“If you express anger, it’s not because the person is giving it to you, it’s because it’s already within you” 

Les Flitcroft, Director of the Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland.

Increase your happiness, increase your luck through The Meditation on Twin Hearts

This ancient, advanced meditation technique has been kept secret for centuries. There are glowing testimonials of personal healing and positive life transformations from regular practice of this specific meditation which has a flushing effect on the system. It is also is a form of world service, as it involves blessing the earth with loving kindness. A recent scientific study was completed on how this meditation affected the meditators.

The impact of regular practice of the Meditation on Twin Hearts

  • Significantly reduces anxiety levels
  • More positive emotional traits
  • Faster reactions and responses
  • Quicker brain responses
  • Increases attention & alertness
  • More Gamma Wave activity

 Each meditation takes just 20 minutes and can transform how you feel.

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