The last few months have been unusual to say the least and we have found ourselves isolating at home.

In Families where someone has depression, anxiety or another mental health need this isolation could be, well horrendous! On the other hand for others it could be a time of healing and reconnection.

In our family I am the Rock, my husband, Richard has depression and we have a 7-year-old.

So, what have I been doing to try and weather the storm?

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Perhaps the place to start is my routine.

Morning Ride

If you have seen my posts on Twitter and Facebook you will know I have been getting up at 5am in the week to go out for a bike ride. This is a recent addition to my day and I started doing it because I was feeling very suffocated in my home and struggling to find the time to get out.

Self care is so vitally important to my ability to care for my family that I had to get out.

It has been a blessing and I love these rides and miss them at the weekends when our routine is slightly different.

The mornings are perfect. They are the start of something new, every day, they are peaceful, unhurried, and beautiful. I am often only met by one or two people, so it is brilliant if you are concerned about meeting too many.


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I then do a morning Pranic Healing meditation  The meditation is called The Twin Hearts and it is incredible. It really does quieten the mind and it focuses so much on love that you clear away a lot of the negativity we are all feeling currently. On a Thursday it is a real treat as it’s a led meditation in the early evening with my Pranic Healing Teacher and this one is particularly powerful.

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Then the day really begins

The middle part of the day is focused on the balance between home schooling and work. My work is particularly intense at the moment, so the balance is challenging. Given Richards depression our son, Patrick, does tend to favour me for the home schooling too.

Home schooling in this house is secondary to our Mental Wellbeing. If Patrick isn’t engaging, I am not going to go to war with him over it, it isn’t worth it. We don’t need extra pressures in our home so I tend to let it go and not pick that battle. Patrick can catch up with his education, recovering from any impact on his Mental Health will be a lot harder.

It’s also too much for me, I have to work so if it’s not going smoothly I confess I take the path of least resistance.

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Evenings I curl up with Patrick and decompress with a film or we will go out on our bikes, but it’s mother and son time. He needs it and I need it.

At the weekends we bake. I will always bake something delicious to keep us going in the week. After all we all need treats now and then. I also find baking helps me unwind and what child doesn’t enjoy licking the mixers and the bowl!

Finally, once a week I have a remote healing with my Pranic Healer. These healings are amazing, and they really help remove all the stress and negativity which has been building up in the week and help me start afresh.

The key for me is to do what it takes to ensure that I am where I need to be mentally and physically to support my family. If that means 5am starts, then I am all for it!

Believe me this house has it’s moments. It’s not harmonious by any stretch and I have had my breakdowns too! The thing is I can bounce back more quickly and I like to think my melt downs are perhaps slightly less than they may have been!

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