How gardening helps wellbeing and connection

For me, one of the simplest pleasures in life is walking down the garden on a lovely day and plucking a tomato from our home-grown tomato plants and eating it, instantly.

It is such an amazing flavour and sensation, it’s juicer and sweeter; such a miracle of nature.

What is particularly interesting for me is that these tomatoes don’t give me mouth ulcers. Shop bought ones, even organic ones, result in a painful outbreak and I just can’t touch them!

For me this is clear evidence that home grown food is so much better for you.

The benefits of growing your own produce extend much further than this and the mental and physical rewards are huge!

Research has shown that the vegetables we water adapt to reflect what we specifically need nutritionally. They connect with the person tending them and grow to meet their gardeners’ nutritional needs.

This makes perfect sense to me, for some I appreciate it’s a bit of a leap of faith. I’ll tell you why.

We have water in common, both plant and humans are made up of primarily water and depend upon it for our survival.

Did you know that water change’s structure accordingly to its environment?

Dr Masaru Emoto carried out an experiment on water crystals. He identified that water crystals take on different forms depending upon the words they are exposed too. If the word was anger, evil, fearful or anything negative the crystals would become distorted.

If the word was positive and full of gratitude and love their form was pure beauty.

You can find out more here:

If water can reflect the energy and emotion around it, imagine what a growing plant can do!

There is a very real connection in gardening and in growing your own fruit and vegetables.

Connecting with the earth and enabling growth improves our health and wellbeing by:

Returning to nature:

I find being in nature and taking a moment to listen transforms me. It gives me a re-set.

When I take that moment to be aware of what is happening around me, I notice how effortless everything seems. Nature is just in sync with itself.

As humans we push, we push all the time and that’s when we get stressed. It reminds me not to push; for that moment I am in the moment and I am mindful.

The seed or plant I am planting in the soil will grow, effortlessly. All it needs is water and the rest will happen just as it should.

Getting Fresh air and Exercise:

I don’t know about you but when I have finished digging over the vegetable patch my heart rate is up and I feel great!

The physical effort is great exercise and releases so much stress.

All those wonderful endorphins, fabulous!

It gives a sense of achievement:

Growing vegetables and tending a garden is extremely rewarding. Especially when you are picking your first crop.

Some plants take longer to grow and others are much quicker, either way the sense of achievement is enormous.

It doesn’t have to be about the growth of the plants either, getting back to digging over that vegetable patch. I love it when it’s done, all the weeds are gone and it’s neat, tidy and ready to go.

Looking at that prepared vegetable patch gives me a sense of opportunity and new life.

Valuable Family Time

The benefits of being in the garden are not limited to the gardener. It can be a family affair.

Getting outside together, planting, digging and bringing in the crop is a really rewarding way to spend time together.

Our son gets very excited about digging up potatoes and loves seeking out the ‘lost’ ones.

It’s a moment of escapism for all of us.

Wellness for your loved one

In our family the veg patch was something I wanted to do, initially my husband didn’t see the value. Now, at the end of each day Richard is out watering and tending the garden.

In honesty I would like to do this, however I see the sense of peace it gives him for that moment. He is outside, he is doing something which results in growth, food and a sense of achievement.

I have noticed that in the summer, when he can take this time to be still, to be alone and get some space, his depression is improved.

There are many ways to create a productive garden, even if you only have a patio or a small area. Strawberries, tomatoes and even potatoes can be grown in patio pots.

Perhaps a herb garden or herb patio. Where you can select your own fresh herbs to enhance your evening meal or sit out on a sunny evening and breathe in their fabulous scent, whilst taking a moment to be at peace.

Gardening can be very powerful; for your wellbeing, your loved ones mental health and for everyone’s nutritional health. Why not give it a go.

Please share your stories and thoughts about how gardening has helped your wellbeing below in our comments. We would love to hear from you. Thank you.

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