8 tips to get happy & silly during Covid-19 Social Distancing

We’ve all been (hopefully) following advice to stay at home and by now it’s probably wearing thin. Whether you have kids, noisy neighbours or maybe no garden to get outside in.

Everyone is becoming increasingly aware of how hard this is on us all mentally. Our social media feeds are certainly full of articles offering advice and tips.

So here at The RockPool we’re thinking it’s Monday, the start of another week inside. Let’s try to do something different!

Let’s get silly and have a little fun! Laughing naturally lifts your mood and state of happiness.

Here’s some ideas for getting silly at home, using things you probably have already, no extra deliveries required!

Fancy Dress

Delve into each other’s wardrobes and make your own fancy dress! You could send one person off at a time and ask them to come down in a costume of their choosing! You could even video call friends & family to get them involved in the hilarious results!

Make Over

Let your child, friend or partner do your make up! Add extra complexity and add a blind fold!! Hide all the mirrors until the final reveal! You could even go for a theme like 80s, Rock or clowns! Again this would make a very entertaining video call to friends & family!

Dress Up for Dinner

Make a real show of your meal time. Get the posh china & candles out, pick a few flowers and hit the music. Get your glad rags on and make it a special event…even if it is only beans on toast!

Hide & Seek

You’re never too old for this! Use your whole house and even the garden too. Maybe give yourself more time to really get creative with your hiding spaces! See who can hold out the longest!!

Treasure Hunt

Now this one might take some time to set up, but it could also keep you busy for hours! Know your audience by making it easy for the kids or really add some mind-bending clues for the adults! Take some time to think about your treasure at the end of the hunt…what can you find in your cupboards? Or what could you make?

Outdoor Fun

Whether you’ve got a big garden or maybe this needs to be worked into your one-exercise-per-day, really make the most of your time outdoors. Think School Sports Day…running races, three legged races, egg and spoon, football goals…use whatever you have at your disposal! Really go to town and make it into a family competition! You could even get friends or family involved remotely!


Think about it…what art and crafts materials do you have at home? Paper, glue, pens, paints…get them out and see what you could make! Perhaps you’ve had lots of deliveries lately? Put those Amazon boxes to use! Think outside those boxes too…cotton buds, straws, lolly sticks, egg cartons! They call all make something! And not just taking to the kids here…getting creative is great for your wellbeing too! It doesn’t matter how good the end result is, it’s more about focusing on something relaxing and enjoyable for you!

Taste Test

Get out your most random cupboard ingredients, make your weirdest concoctions… then blind fold a family member and get them to guess what it is! Think Bush Tucker Trials here people!! This could make for a lot of laughter!! Maybe have a glass of water or bucket standing by!!

We would love to see any photos or videos of your silly activities, tag us on our socials so we can see! And keep an eye out for our attempts at being silly! Amanda has already been camping the back garden!

Enjoy yourselves, stay safe and keep laughing!

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