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The RockPool was launched with the primary purpose of giving those individuals who support loved ones with Mental Illness somewhere safe to go.

Very often the supporters, or Rocks as we like to call you, can’t talk about the challenges they face or how they may be feeling. The RockPool is a safe place for all Rocks to come together and share with others who understand how hard it can be.

It is our hope that through this forum and related resources that those who are supporting others with Mental Illness will continue to have the strength to do so and won’t become ill themselves. We believe everyone who is impacted by Mental Illness needs support.

It’s only by looking after ourselves and giving ourselves the resources we need can we support and care for those we love.

Our Intention

We hope this site grows and as it does, it is our intention to set aside 50% of any profits generated into a RockPool Foundation. We will then use that Foundation to support further work understanding and supporting Mental Health issues. 

If this site changes just one persons life we will have made a difference. 

Thank you for the opportunity to do so.