About Our Founder

Hi, I am Amanda and I am married to my wonderful husband, Richard and we have a gorgeous son, Patrick.

Richard suffers from Depression; I am his Rock and have been for years.

It’s hard work when you are also trying to raise a son and hold down a professional job.

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Having also lost my mother to Cancer in 2015 I was feeling very alone, and I started to feel drained of energy. I wanted somewhere to go, someone to talk too. Richard wasn’t ready for people to know and equally, I didn’t always want to talk to my friends. In many ways I wanted to keep it separate so I could have some normality in my friendships.

On one occasion I called the Samaritans and I started to wonder why there isn’t more support for “Rocks”.

When a family member has an addiction there are support groups for the family, however I’ve struggled to find anything focused on those supporting people with Mental Illness.

I decided that I would start The RockPool.

I hope you find it gives you somewhere to go, to know that you are not alone and that there are others who understand the emotional rollercoaster you are on. I hope it gives you hope and connection.

With love and support.


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