Are you supporting someone with Depression or Mental Illness?

If so you are someone’s “Rock”. As you are there for them we are here for you.

Corona Virus - At home with someone with Mental Health needs?

Covid19 has us in a period of uncertainty and we are likely facing imposed time at home. For many this can lead to a feeling of Anxiety and stress.

If one of your family already has Depression, Anxiety or OCD, this time is especially difficult for them and therefore the pressures on you are greater.

The RockPool is here to support you and give you resources and tips to keep your own resources stable so you can care for your loved one and family. Community is more important than ever and we have a community where we can all come together, share ideas and support each other during this unprecedented time.

We wish you all well and as you are here for them, we are here for you.

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About Us

At The RockPool we provide a community for Rocks to share ideas, experiences, and to talk in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

We have personal stories shared by our founder and our community and the RockPool, where all the Rocks come together to chat.

The RockPool is peer to peer support for those supporting others, to give space and somewhere safe to recharge. We don’t replace the need for medical care and we advise those with any concerns to see your GP immediately.

It’s only by caring for ourselves can we care for those we love.

We are here for you so why not dip your toe in and have a paddle.

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